About Wolf and Pine

Hi, my name is Connor Brendan Cockrell. l created Wolf and Pine Photography with the intent of expressing the ideas, thoughts, and culture of the outdoor lifestyle and bringing a voice of our wild places to the public through the medium of photography. With an understanding that companies all have unique stories to share as it relates to the outdoors, I bring a professional and artistic ability to create a narrative that is authentic and original while catering to the needs of the company/individual. Combining landscape, nature, product, lifestyle, and travel photography, I bring the natural experiences of the outdoors to leave a lasting impression through photography.  I also have extensive experience with marketing, e-commerce best practices, and social media. I would be more than happy to assist you with bringing your ideas to reality.

(If you're still reading this, below is a little history on how I became involved in this adventure of being behind the lens. WARNING, may be boring for some and fascinating for others.)

I guess you could call me an outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer. I find there are so many subjects, and there is so much inspiration that can help shape a more well-informed worldview of photography. You will most likely find me in the great outdoors whether that means trail running through a backwoods trail in the Ozark hills of Arkansas, mountain biking a sandy track in Southern California, or summiting a 5,000 meter peak in Peru. 

My intro to photography began very young when my mother would use me as a model and practice with her Pentax Program A film camera. I would watch her hand-tint black and white photographs - taking painstaking effort to capture every detail to bring the meaning of the photograph to life. I had a wind-up Crayon-brand (yes, like the little wax sticks used for drawing) film camera I would take with me on vacations with my family and on my mom's shoots. I still remember the excitement coursing through my little five year- old frame as I dropped off my rolls of film to be developed. Even though I would fall away from photography for over a decade, those early formative years of getting the slightest taste for that creative world would only lay dormant and waiting to be reignited into a passion for outdoor photography.

Now fast-forward almost twenty years and I have just acquired my first "nice" mountain bike I use for commuting to college. This leads to finding the sport of mountain biking...and then the flood gates open. I find mountain biking, then backpacking, then rock climbing, trail running, and mountaineering. The outdoor lifestyle became my lifestyle.  Rereading old Outside Magazine and Mountain Bike Action copies and marveling at the detail and beauty of the photographs in their pages, I begin to wonder if I could tell a unique story through photos of what I or my friends were doing in the outdoors. Fast forward several months and I am looking at my wife's Canon Rebel XS and am "overwhelmed" by the amount of information and buttons, wondering why I would ever want to bog down my love for the outdoors with lugging around a camera taking exposures of (what I thought at the time) quintessential landscape/outdoor lifestyle shots. I decided to take the camera with me anyway on a three-month long Wilderness Ranger job in the Sequoia National Forest forcing myself to focus on what actually drew me to the outdoors and trying to capture that on camera. 

This trip and several others like it were what made me realize that photography was not only a way of capturing and sharing moments and places with my friends and family, but it was also a means to experience new adventures and ways of enjoying the outdoors. It caused me to focus more on what I was actually experiencing and forced me to observe the outdoors in original and thoughtful ways. I have come to realize you are never done learning to be a photographer. You never "arrive" to a perfect photographical transcendence. This is what makes photography so profound as an art form, your ability to create is only limited by that which you haven't experienced, so get out and explore!

If you are STILL reading this, bravo because I don't think even my own parents read through all of it. We should talk because you must be a really cool person. Check out my contact page for all kinds of ways you can reach out to me. It'd be awesome to hear from you. Cheers!